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Welcome to ICMMA
the Industrial Cleaning Machine Manufacturers' Association

NEW: Press release - ICMMA Launches Design Award for The Cleaning Show

ICMMA is the Trade Association of the Manufacturers of Industrial and Commercial Cleaning Equipment. Membership is voluntary and by subscription, ICMMA members representing the most prominent suppliers of cleaning machines to the UK Cleaning Industry.

Customers may have confidence in their decision to purchase cleaning machines from members of ICMMA as the Association Code of Practice, to which all Members commit, demands the highest of professional standards. Machines supplied by Members represent the best available in the market today, incorporating proven quality and innovative design with an operational efficiency second to none.

All Members operate environmentally friendly policies in the design of their cleaning machines with long reliable working life integral with component recyclability and a guaranteed supply of spare parts.

Contractors and their clients, when specifying ICMMA Members' machines, know they are guaranteed optimum productivity capabilities, maximum effectiveness and equipment that cleans to the highest possible hygiene levels.

ICMMA members through their Association, are represented on many other forums within the Cleaning Industry to ensure that they are not only abreast of all of the Industry developments but have an active participation in them.

Since ICMMA membership covers both UK and Overseas Manufacturers their input into other Associations of the Cleaning Industry are considered most valuable.

Reference to the body of this Website will clearly show the capability that members of ICMMA have in supplying ALL of the cleaning machines that may be required by Contract Cleaners, Facility Managers, Local Authorities and Health and Nursing Institutions.

Equipment is normally available through national networks of dealers or directly from the Manufacturers themselves, either route provides you with a guarantee of service support, as and when required, supported by spare parts supply second to none.

The range of product available covers:

  • Pressure Washers - Hot or Cold water.
  • Carpet/Upholstery Cleaners.
  • Vacuum Cleaners - all types from dry, wet/dry through to vacuum cleaners for specialist application.
  • Scrubber Driers for the maintenance and restoration of a wide variety of floor surfaces.
  • Mechanical Sweeping machines - from the simplest pedestrian powered walk behind through to sophisticated ride on machines that are designed for precinct and road sweeping.
  • Steam Cleaning equipment for hygiene cleaning free of detergent contamination.
  • Fixed Installation cleaning equipment.
  • Within the product offer, there exists specialist product designed specifically for daytime cleaning.

The cleaning industry offers employment to almost 1 Million people in the U.K.

Confused by WEEE?

Read our information about Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment in the UK - click here

ICMMA is affiliated with:

The British Institute of Cleaning Science - BICSc


British Cleaning Council - BCC


Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association - CHSA


Cleaning & Support Services Association - CSSA


British Institute of Facilities Management - BIFM


Cleaning & Maintenance Magazine


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